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Centerpiece - Candy Buffet Ideas

This collection of popular centerpieces are often used as party of a candy buffet. Various pieces are available and rented as singles.

50 oz Martini: Decorate your table with this fun over sized martini glass. At 50 oz and about 12″ tall, you can have a lot of fun with this on your table!

12″ Goblet Vase:  A lovely table centerpiece to float candles or add a small arrangement.

160 oz  or 60 oz Brandy Snifter: This footed centerpiece offers a tall or short stem version in the 60oz size.

Square Vase: A trendy little piece of glassware that will look lovely in the center of your table. Available in a 3″ or 5″ size.

12” Angled Vase: This vase is 12″ and offers an angled opening.

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