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Rectangular Tables

We offer rectangular tables in lengths of 4′, 6′ and 8′. Widths are available in 18″ and the most common 30″.

30″ width: The most common, these are available in 4′ x 30″(2 people down each long side), 6′ x 30″ (3 people down each long side) and 8′ x 30″(4 people down each long side) sizes. Perfect for a buffet, a yard sale or that big family reunion you’ve been meaning to have!

18″ width: These rectangular tables have a narrower width than a common rectangular table. At 18″ wide, these tables are perfect for conference or training seating. (People only seated on one side of the table). Available in 4′ x 18″ (2 people) , 6′ x 18″ (3 people) and 8′ x 18″(4 people) sizes. Wood top, with legs that fold under. These tables are also popular for a narrow bar table.

Note: These tables have legs that fold under. The tabletop itself does not fold. 6 x 30 and 8 x 30 tables will be plastic top.

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