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Galvanized Drink Tub & Other Ice Tubs

We offer several options for keeping your drinks cold.

Galvanized Steel Tub: When you need to chill drinks for a crowd this is the tub for you! Our 4′ long galvanized stainless steel drink tub is perfect to keep your crowd hydrated. (Don’t forget to pickup ice from us to fill it!)

Ice Box: Blue plastic tub, on a convenient stand. Perfect to hold drinks at your next big event! *Limited stock item

White Enamel Ice Tub: Approx. 2′ long, great to sit on a table and chill drinks.

Rustic Wood Roofed Drink Cart: A fun and functional way to chill or serve drinks at your next event! Whether you have a bartender behind it or a self serve station, this will draw your guests in. This also can be used to serve your cold buffet, just add the ice. Our rustic drink tub features a removable roof (for ease of transportation), wheels, storage underneath and a drain hose to remove the water as your ice melts.  We’ve been told by a reliable source you can fit about 7 24’s of beer!

Don’t forget you can order large bags of ice with us!

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