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Stillwater Tents

Don’t hide your beautiful landscaping with a tent–compliment it with one of our Stillwater tents. This dramatic showstopper will wow your guests from the moment they pull in the drive! With a touch of rustic grace and a hint of nautical life, our Stillwater tents are bound to make a statement.

Featuring a lightweight “sailcloth” canopy, this tent will let the light in and keep the rain out! Your friends will marvel at the rustic simplicity of this tent with it’s wooden cherry center and side poles, and rounded ends. If weather demands their use, clear sidewalls let the light in and allow your guests to enjoy a magnificent view. Our 32′ Stillwater tent is available in 3 sizes to accommodate your party. Add a warm, welcoming glow at night with our streamer lights.

Is the Stillwater perfect for your next gathering? Give us a call…we can make some recommendations and help you size a tent to your needs.

Please note that listed capacity for guests is strictly seating organized with tables, excluding space that may be needed for addition products such as dancefloor, staging, food tables etc. 

Approximate capacity for our 32’ wide Stillwater tent:

32′ x 30′ 64-94 people

32′ x 50′ 96-136 people

32′ x 70′ 144-208 people

Estimated capacity for our 44’ wide Stillwater tent:

44’ x 43′ 96-128 people

44′ x 63′ 160-216 people

44’ x 83′ 224-312 people

44’ x 103′ 280-416 people