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20' & 40' Push Pole Tents

Often called a traditional tent or a circus tent, this tent features a majestic white peaked canopy. This tent will have centerpoles in its interior. Still a popular choice for weddings and festivals! Walls are included in the rental of this tent. We’ve included an estimation of guest numbers below, but we would love to help you with a personalized sizing of your tent.

Please note that listed capacity for guests is strictly seating organized with tables, excluding space that may be needed for addition products such as dancefloor, staging, food tables etc.

Approximate capacity for our 20’ wide Push Pole tent:

20′ x 30′ 48-64 people

20′ x 40′ 64-80 people

Estimated capacity for our 40’ wide Push Pole tent:

40’ x 40′ 128-160 people

40′ x 60′ 192-240 people

40’ x 80′ 256-320 people

40’ x 100′ 320-400 people