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Carts, Dollies, Moving & Household

Fridge cart: Our fridge or appliance cart is a handy thing to have around when appliances have to be moved. This cart has a wide plate on the bottom and a strap, making it invaluable when it’s time to move.

2 Wheel cart: This handy little cart is perfect for a light move. Fits items such as bankers boxes quite well.

4 Wheel cart: Our 4 wheel dollie is a handy piece of equipment. The handle is removable, so it can be used as a flat platform or use it with the handle to push or pull the cart.

Piano Dollie: If you have to move a piano this is the way to do it! Two wheeled pieces make up this dollie, one going under each end of the piano.

Piano Skid: This skid will allow you to hoist it on your back and drag it. Straps and padded areas can help with the positioning.

Furniture Blankets: A little cushioning never hurts when you’re moving! These blankets are approximately 5′ x 6′ in size.

Glass suction disc: We carry a single unit, use it to insert glass.

Sub-Category: Household and Moving