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Chain Saws, Hedge Clippers & Loppers


Gas Chain Saw: Our most popular saw, this gas powered chain saw has a 15″ bar.

Electric chain saw: This electric chain saw has an 11″ bar. Perfect for small trimming jobs.

Chain Saw on a pole or Telescopic Pruner: This will allow you to reach some of the higher branches from the ground. A gas powered saw, this unit has a 12″ bar and extends approximately  12′.

Hedge Clipper

Gas Hedge Clipper on a Pole: Use this gas hedge clipper on a pole to reach some difficult areas.

Gas Hedge Clipper: Keep your hedges in shape with this gas powered 22″ hedge clipper.

Electric hedge clippers: Electric hedge clipper available in a 16″ or 32″ length.

Tree Lopper/Pruner

Tree Lopper : This manual unit will let you reach small branches with a saw blade or small pruning shears. Reaches to about a 6′ length.

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