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Post Hole Auger

When it come to post holes we have a several models to offer:

1 Man Gas Auger: Let this hydraulic unit do some of the work for you. Tow behind your vehicle with a 2″ trailer ball, this unit can go to a 4′ depth. Gas powered, 10″ or 12″ augers are available for this unit.

2 Man Gas Auger: Put 8″ holes in the ground with this gas powered unit. Extension available to take the hole to a 4′ depth. Grab a buddy and put your own post holes in.

Manual Clamshell: A customer favorite for post holes! Even if you have a gas unit, you may find this helpful for cleaning soil out of your holes.

Spoon: This long handled sewer spoon will help you out in tight places.

Manual T Handle Auger: This portable hand twist unit will have you digging small holes in no time.



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