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Frisbee Toss Game

Why shouldn’t the older kids have fun too?! This game comes complete with stands and frisbees. Test your accuracy with Fido!



Potato Sacks

Add a touch of nostalgia to your picnic with a potato sack race. Authentic sacks will have everyone racing for the finish line!


Ring Toss Game

A classic lawn game! This board will come with rings for tossing. If you have small prizes you can tuck them into the individual shapes. If your prizes are larger, put a picture or number, etc in the opening.


Snake Round Up Game

Help our cowboy catch the snakes in this kids game! This game includes a stand to support it and a variety of rubber snakes. How many can you capture?!


Hockey Shot Game

This kids game will have your little superstar testing their skills! This game includes a stand to support it, stick and pucks.


Soccer Game

Have your little soccer star test their skills with our kids soccer game! Stands and soccer balls included in the rental of this game.


Strike Out Game

This popular kids game will challenge your little pitcher! This game includes a stand to support it and balls to toss.


Balloon Pump

This electric pump will make inflating balloons a piece of cake! Plug it in, slip your balloon on the nozzle and push.

(Please note: This is regular air, not helium.)