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Electric Heaters: This electric 1500 watt heater is a popular option while waiting for a furnace repair or when you just need to add a little heat.

Electric Heaters 220v: This 4800 watt, electric heater takes a 220v outlet.


Radiant Propane Heater: Take the chill off with this 35,000 BTU radiant,  portable heater. A propane tank is included in the rental.

Propane patio heater: These are the tall propane heaters you may have seen in some smoking areas. Heats approximately a 15′ radius. One tank of propane is included with the rental.

Diesel Oil-Fired Heater: 200, 000 btu, with a 12′ heat duct. Run the duct in an open window or propped door to push heat into your building. A tank of fuel is included with the rental.





When our the temperatures rise, grab a fan to keep things comfortable.

Basic 20″ household pedestal fan: Perfect when you need to move a little air around.

30″ Pedestal fan: This fan will get a good breeze going. 7657 CFM (3 speed), this fan is a popular choice for churches and halls on hot summer weekends.

42″ drum fan: This 42″ diameter drum fan will really get things moving! When temperatures are nearing 40 degrees, some of our customers will position this fan to keep air moving through a barn or tent.



Standard: This is a standard household model. Simply remove the collection tank to dump water.

Industrial: If you’ve had a flood and need to dry things out, this may be the dehumidifier for you. Water collected will drain from a hose.


Carpet Dryer Fan Turbo Dryer

If you had a flood and need to get some air moving, this may be the fan for you. If you can lift a corner of your carpet, even better to allow that stream of air in.