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Whiskey Barrel Cocktail Table

A little smaller, a little darker in colour than our wine barrels. Put the perfect rustic touch on your special day with our whiskey barrels. 32″ round Harvest barrel tabletops are available at an additional cost, if you wish to finish off the top of your barrel. Use two of our whiskey barrels with our Harvest bar top for a Speakeasy bar.


Wine Barrel Cocktail Table

A fun addition to your event. Our wine barrel cocktail table can be used on it’s own or a table top added. The tabletop is 40″ Overall dimensions of the barrel without the tabletop is 36″h x 26″w.


Rustic Harvest Table

A beautiful, solid wood table for your rustic event!  8′ long by 42″ wide, this table offers enough space to seat someone at the table ends. Seat your guests at harvest tables or set a charming head table only. Choose from our rustic benches or chairs to compliment these tables. Vineyard crossbacks or chiavari chairs tend to be favourites. Finish your table off with our burlap or lace runners!


Round Table – 30

Round Tables – 30″ – These tables have a 30″ diameter table top. They are available in a 15″ (coffee table), which pairs nicely with our inflatable lounge set. Also a 30″ (bistro or regular table) height, any of our chairs will work nicely with these. The third option is a 42″ (cocktail or standing) height, for use with our bar stools. Try our spandex table covers for the perfect finishing touch.

The perfect little table for someone to sit their drink down!


Rectangular Tables

We offer rectangular tables in lengths of 4′, 6′ and 8′. Widths are available in 18″ and the most common 30″.

30″ width: The most common, these are available in 4′ x 30″(2 people down each long side), 6′ x 30″ (3 people down each long side) and 8′ x 30″(4 people down each long side) sizes. Perfect for a buffet, a yard sale or that big family reunion you’ve been meaning to have!

18″ width: These rectangular tables have a narrower width than a common rectangular table. At 18″ wide, these tables are perfect for conference or training seating. (People only seated on one side of the table). Available in 4′ x 18″ (2 people) , 6′ x 18″ (3 people) and 8′ x 18″(4 people) sizes. Wood top, with legs that fold under. These tables are also popular for a narrow bar table.

Note: These tables have legs that fold under. The tabletop itself does not fold. 6 x 30 and 8 x 30 tables will be plastic top.


Card Table

Standard card table: A 30″ square, just like Grandma & Grandpa played euchre on!

Deluxe card table: A 33.5″ square, a touch bigger and finished just a little nicer than our standard card table.


Specialty Table

Serpentine 1/4 Curved: This table will allow you to get creative with your buffet table. Use four of these tables to create a “donut like” 6ft round table. The center will be an open space. Use them end to end to create a “snake like” table.

1/2 Round: 60″ along the straight edge, this table can be used as a cake table or an accent table.



Round Table

Keep the conversation rolling with your guests seated at round tables. Available in 3 sizes; 4′ (48″), 5′ (60′) and 6′ (72″) diameters.

Seating recommendations: 4′ seats 4-6, 5′ seats 8-10 and 6′ seats 10-12 people.

Note: 4′ rounds are not available in plastic top.