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Tile Saws & Cutters

Tile Saws & Cutters

You’ve got a project to tackle — we have the saw or cutter for you!

Tile or Brick Saw on stand: This wet saw, with adjustable table handles large tiles with ease. (This saw may also be

Yellow Tub Wet Saw: The perfect compact wet tile saw for smaller jobs or back splashes.

Quarry Tile Cutter: This traditional tile cutter scores and snaps your floor tiles (Up to 13″).

Laminate Floor Cutter: This guillotine style cutter will have you laying floor in no time. Cuts up to 13″ planks, 5/8″

VA Tile Cutter: This manual tile cutter cuts up to a 12″ x 12″ linoleum or vinyl floor tile.

Tile Nippers: This manual little hand tool will allow you to make small adjustments/cuts to your tiles.

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