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Steak Knives

The perfect addition for steak night! Our steak knives are available in a full stainless steel (to compliment our Perla line of cutlery) or with a plastic handle.


York Silver Cutlery

This traditional silver plated cutlery will compliment any table. With a decent weight and nice sized pieces, your guests will enjoy the meal you serve them. Available pieces include:

Available pieces include; Dessert/Salad Fork, Dinner Fork, Dinner Knife, Butter Knife, Soup Spoon, Teaspoon, and Coffee Spoon.


Polished Stainless Cutlery

An attractive choice of flatware when you want something just a little nicer. Good sized pieces with a fan design on the handle.

Available pieces include: Dinner Knife, Dinner Fork, Teaspoon, Dessert/Salad Fork, Soup/Dessert Spoon, and Butter Knife.

Meat forks and serving spoons to compliment our polished cutlery. Serving spoons are available either with holes or without.


Plain Stainless Cutlery

When disposable just won’t due! This entry level cutlery is available in a wide range of pieces; Seafood Fork, Dessert Fork, Dinner Fork, Dinner Knife, Dessert Spoon, Soup Spoon and Teaspoon. Lightweight, this stainless steel is a great choice for a budget-minded customer.



Gold Elegance Cutlery

Our gold cutlery will be the talk of your dinner table! Their decent weight and detailed patterning will be a regal addition to your table. Available pieces include:

Dessert/Salad Fork, Dinner Fork, Dinner knife, Dessert/Soup Spoon, and Teaspoon.

Carry the gold theme into your dishes with our Noritake Dishware (accented with a gold band) or charger plates in gold. Serving pieces are also available in the Noritake pattern to coordinate with the elegance cutlery.


Perla Stainless Cutlery

Our most popular cutlery! Many pieces available; Dinner Knife, Dinner Fork, Teaspoon, Dessert/Salad Fork, Soup/dessert Spoon, Butter Knife, Steak Knife and Coffee Spoon. This cutlery offers it all…good sizing, nice weight and a bit of shine!

Meat fork and serving spoons are available in the Perla cutlery. These are sized nicely for family style use on the tabletop. Rented as singles.