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Vintage China Dishware Setting

When you want something truly unique and personal — these dishes are for you! When you rent a dozen of these dishes, they will come in mixed patterns (Note: when you rent cup & saucers, each individual cup & saucer will match).

Available pieces include:

Large, medium & small plates and cup & saucer. (Due to the designs of the dishes there may be a small variance in sizing)

Also perfect for high tea!



Assorted Dishware & Accessories

Cocktail Plate: This may be one of the handiest things you’ve ever seen. This white china cocktail plate has a notch to hold a wineglass. Now your guests have a free hand. Don’t you wish you had of thought of this years ago?!

Cocktail Caddy: Before the cocktail plate, this was handiest little thing you had ever seen! Slide this little clip onto a plate and now your wine glass will rest in that hook. Great accessory for cocktail parties.

4.5” Square Plate: The perfect little plate for stations, nibbles or just a small bite! These square plates are 4.5″, making them easy to hang on to as you chat and mingle.

Rectangular Plate: This trendy rectangular plate is perfect for plating individual apps or desserts. 11″ x 5″ in size, it’s just the right size!

Asian Spoons: Get creative with our white ceramic Asian spoons. Perfect for an individual nibble! These present nicely on our 11″ x 5″ rectangular plates.

Ramekins: We have three sizes of ramekins to choose from. 4.5″ dia x 1.5″h , 3.5″dia x 2.25″h  or 2.5″dia x 1.5″h. Serve extra dips, sauces or puddings. These bowls are rented by the dozen.

Sundae & Parfait Dishes: Bring a touch of nostalgia with our clear glass sundae dishes and narrower (4.5 oz) parfait glasses. Perfect for a sundae bar–all you need is a cherry on top!

Charger Plates: Create beautiful tables with our resin charger plates. Available in red, gold and silver these can finish the look of the table when you are having a plated meal. Also popular around the holidays! Create a Pinterest-worthy table when you pair our Gold Elegance cutlery and our gold chargers!

Porcelain Dinner Plates: These porcelain dinner plates are a simple 12″ off white. They were brought in for those looking for an oversize dinner plate. Perfect for steak and corn on the cob! These also work nicely as a charger with the colourful patterns found in our Vintage China.

All of these pieces are rented by the dozen.


White Stoneware Dish Setting

Our white stoneware dish setting is a great option if you are looking for basic simplicity. This setting features a durable, off white stone ware.

Available pieces include:

9″ dinner plates, 7 1/2″ salad plates, 6 1/2″ bread & butter plates, pasta/soup plates, soup bowls, fruit nappies and cup & saucer. (Note: This setting includes a 9″ dinner plate, which some find small for dinner)

A great option when you don’t need a fancy plate, but don’t want to use disposable!


Royal Doulton China Dishware Setting

This ivory dish setting features a soft scallop in the china. Available pieces include:

10″ dinner plates, 8 1/4″ salad/dessert plates, 6 1/2″ bread & butter plates, pasta/soup plates, fruit nappies, and cup & saucer.

A beautiful addition to your table!


Noritake China Dishware Setting

A classic choice in dishware! Our Noritake dishes features white china with a thin gold band along the rim. Available pieces include:

10″ dinner plates, 8 1/4″ salad/dessert plates, 6 1/2″ bread & butter plates, pasta/soup plates, soup bowls, fruit nappies, and cup & saucer. This setting also has additional serving pieces available such as; meat platters, vegetable bowls, gravy boats, cream & sugar and tea pots.

Continue the rich look of gold with our Gold Elegance cutlery!



Arctic White China Dishware Setting

Our most popular dish setting! These stark white dishes features thin lines around the rim. These fit the bill if you’re looking for modern or traditional. Available pieces include:

10″ dinner plates, 7 1/2″ salad/dessert plates, 6 1/2″ bread & butter plates, pasta/soup plates, soup bowls and cup & saucers. Cream & sugars are available to compliment.

If you are looking for something on the trendy side, dinner and salad/dessert plates are also available in an Arctic White Square setting.


Coffee Mugs

No fear of running out of coffee mugs around here! We have found a great number of our customers prefer using a mug to a cup and saucer. Our mugs are rented by the dozen.

(L-R) Porcelain, stackable, Noritake china, stoneware and Irish coffee.

Nothing finishes off a meal better than a fancy little cup of espresso. This 3.5 oz cup and saucer is rented as a pair.