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Eddy Floor Scraper

This electric floor scrapper will have your tile up in no time! 5″ wide blades are available for purchase.



Floor Maintainer & Floor Scrubber

Our Walk behind floor scrubber is a great choice for larger areas. Battery powered, this makes it a great choice for commercial properties.

Our 2 speed, 17″ floor maintainer is perfect for stripping or scrubbing your floors. Attachments and disposable pads are available at an additional cost.

12″ floor maintainer is a bit more manageable for smaller areas. Brush or disposable scrub pads available for use with this machine.


Floor Roller

For a properly laid floor this roller is available in 90 lbs or 140 lbs.


Tile Saws & Cutters

You’ve got a project to tackle — we have the saw or cutter for you!

Tile or Brick Saw on stand: This wet saw, with adjustable table handles large tiles with ease. (This saw may also be

Yellow Tub Wet Saw: The perfect compact wet tile saw for smaller jobs or back splashes.

Quarry Tile Cutter: This traditional tile cutter scores and snaps your floor tiles (Up to 13″).

Laminate Floor Cutter: This guillotine style cutter will have you laying floor in no time. Cuts up to 13″ planks, 5/8″

VA Tile Cutter: This manual tile cutter cuts up to a 12″ x 12″ linoleum or vinyl floor tile.

Tile Nippers: This manual little hand tool will allow you to make small adjustments/cuts to your tiles.


Vacuum Wet Dry

Our wet dry vac (shot vac) can be used for wet or dry. Our machine is on wheels making it easy to use and move around. Top latches make it easy to open and dump out your water or remove your dust bag.


Wall Paper Steamer

Stubborn wallpaper will be no match for our wallpaper steamer. Hold the panel of this electric steamer up and get your scrapper going.




Carpet Steam Cleaner (upright)

This machine comes highly recommended by our own staff! An easy to use design, you will have your carpets cleaned in no time. Handle will fold down for travel.

If you’ve had a flood and are left with soaking wet carpets, this machine can help pull water out (sometimes more effectively than a wet dry vac).