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Ride On Roller

Gas powered, this ride on roller will help you smooth out your sod in no time.


Roto Tiller 6 hp

Our 6hp rear tang unit will help you out on those big jobs. Gas powered.


Grass Seeder

Easily add grass seed to your lawn with this easy to handle unit.



Weed Eater

This gas powered unit can have you cleaning up your yard in no time. Line or blade available.


Wood Chipper

This gas powered unit will have you cleaned up in no time. Tow it behind your vehicle with a 2″ trailer ball. This unit can handle up to a 5″ piece.

Please note: This unit is not designed for chipping cedar.


Stump Grinder

Use this gas powered unit to remove stumps after you have had a tree taken down.



Post Driver

Have your t posts in the ground in no time with this post driver.


Post Hole Auger

When it come to post holes we have a several models to offer:

1 Man Gas Auger: Let this hydraulic unit do some of the work for you. Tow behind your vehicle with a 2″ trailer ball, this unit can go to a 4′ depth. Gas powered, 10″ or 12″ augers are available for this unit.

2 Man Gas Auger: Put 8″ holes in the ground with this gas powered unit. Extension available to take the hole to a 4′ depth. Grab a buddy and put your own post holes in.

Manual Clamshell: A customer favorite for post holes! Even if you have a gas unit, you may find this helpful for cleaning soil out of your holes.

Spoon: This long handled sewer spoon will help you out in tight places.

Manual T Handle Auger: This portable hand twist unit will have you digging small holes in no time.