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Table Skirting

Finish your banquet or head table off in traditional style with a table skirt. This gathered skirt will go on your table after the table cloth has been put on. Plastic clips hold the skirt in place. We carry a few different lengths and some colour choice.


Luxury Linens

When the usual linen just won’t due! Our luxury line of Iridescent linens feature a permanent crinkle and a soft sheen. These linens are designed to drape your table and are available in 120″ and 90″ x 156″ rectangular linens. Please speak with our staff regarding colour and size availability.


Chair Covers

We offer four different styles of chair covers. Read below to find the one that best suits your chair!

Dining Chair Cover: Our traditional chair cover! This is a classic white chair cover with attached sashes. Simply tie them behind your round back banquet chair for an elegant look.

Chair Hug: Do you have a folding or a square back chair you would like to cover? This may be the chair cover for you! Our satin chair hugs are available in white, black, gold and silver. Simply drop the cover over your chair and grasping the two corners tie it in a knot at the back.

Spandex Chair Cover: Our spandex chair cover is a simple black spandex that goes over your round back banquet chair and fastens under the feet. This cover is available in black only and fits our dining chair.

Bistro Chair Cover: This cover is specifically designed to cover our plastic bistro chair. These chair covers come in white, in a non-stretchy fabric.


Spandex Table Covers

A customer and caterer favourite for the last couple years! These spandex covers slip over the table top and fasten under the legs of the table. Available for 30″ diameter round tables or rectangular tables in 6′ or 8′ length.

Note: Because the linen fastens under the table feet, this style is not used for tables people are sitting at (how would they get their legs under the table?) or where it is necessary for you to store and access items under the table.

Black and white are readily available. There is some colour availability for 30″ spandex.



Table Linens

We offer a variety of colourful linens! We are a depot for these linens so please do check colour and size availability with us. Many of these colours are available in overlays and napkins.

We’re more than happy to help you find the linen size for your table–just call with your table size.


Table Runners

Burlap Runner: Add a rustic touch to your tables with our 18″ x 120″ burlap table runner! Featuring washable burlap and serged edges, this runner will not shed fibers or smell like regular burlap.

Ivory Lace: Add a touch of classic romance with our 12″ x 120″ lace table runner. The soft cream colour of the lace compliments our burlap runners–you’ll often see them paired together. (additional rental fee)