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Chair Covers

We offer four different styles of chair covers. Read below to find the one that best suits your chair!

Dining Chair Cover: Our traditional chair cover! This is a classic white chair cover with attached sashes. Simply tie them behind your round back banquet chair for an elegant look.

Chair Hug: Do you have a folding or a square back chair you would like to cover? This may be the chair cover for you! Our satin chair hugs are available in white, black, gold and silver. Simply drop the cover over your chair and grasping the two corners tie it in a knot at the back.

Spandex Chair Cover: Our spandex chair cover is a simple black spandex that goes over your round back banquet chair and fastens under the feet. This cover is available in black only and fits our dining chair.

Bistro Chair Cover: This cover is specifically designed to cover our plastic bistro chair. These chair covers come in white, in a non-stretchy fabric.


Spandex Table Covers

A customer and caterer favourite for the last couple years! These spandex covers slip over the table top and fasten under the legs of the table. Available for 30″ diameter round tables or rectangular tables in 6′ or 8′ length.

Note: Because the linen fastens under the table feet, this style is not used for tables people are sitting at (how would they get their legs under the table?) or where it is necessary for you to store and access items under the table.

Black and white are readily available. There is some colour availability for 30″ spandex.



Table Linens

We offer a variety of colourful linens! We are a depot for these linens so please do check colour and size availability with us. Many of these colours are available in overlays and napkins.

We’re more than happy to help you find the linen size for your table–just call with your table size.


Lattice Room Divider

Use this divider to conceal an area for caterers to work or to create a backdrop. This lattice coordinates with our lattice arches and flower stands. The four hinged panels have an overall size of 7′ high x 6′ wide.


Children’s Chairs & Seating

We offer three choices when it comes to seating the smallest of guests.

Kids white folding chair: Metal frame with a plastic seat and back, this is a miniature version of our customer favourite! Perfect for birthday parties or a special kids table, these are daycare or preschool sized. They match up nicely with our 30″ round tables at the 15″ height.

Booster Seat: Make your young guests feel special with this plastic, portable seat that boosts them up to the table.

High Chair: If you’re having a pint sized guest, why not raise them up to table height with our high chair. Solid wooden frame, with a seat belt, this will fit under a standard height table. This chair pulls right up to the table, and does not include a tray.



Easel & Flip Chart

Seating charts, family pictures, a fun sign…the possibilities are endless with our easels.

Rustic Wood Easel: This easel coordinates nicely with our other rustic pieces (podium, backdrops, bar). Please note: Chalkboards is available for an additional cost.

Decorative Brass Easel: A perfect finishing touch for a formal event. *Limited stock item*

White Metal Easel: A simple easel that won’t steal the show, approximately 5′ in height, this simple easel will hold your picture or seating chart.

White Metal Flip Chart: Hook your pad of paper on and start your presentation. Please note: Paper is not included with this rental.


Rustic Chalkboard

So many possibilities! Create a seating chart, use Pinterest to create a catchy sign to make people laugh. Park here, pick a side, ditch your shoes…there’s a catchy phrase you can add to our chalkboard! Measuring 24″ x 36″, this chalkboard fits nicely on our rustic easel.

Please note: The chalkboard comes blank when you rent it.



Rustic Ladder Display Stand

A decorative piece to help you add style and personality to your event! Our stand is the perfect way to showcase a signature drink as your guests arrive. Display a selection of tasty appetizers. Arrange your cupcakes or wedding favours with ease.  This stand has an overall size of 39″ wide by 29″ tall.


Sofa Conversation Set (3 piece)

Create an intimate lounge area with our 3 piece INFLATABLE conversation set. Your friends will enjoy the comfort of our loveseat and two armchairs. One of our 30″ round tables (in a 15″ height) will be the perfect coffee table!



Harvest Backdrop: A customer favourite, our harvest backdrop features a dark wood and a more finely finished look than the rustic backdrop. A rich espresso colour, these are the perfect backdrop for your head table, selfie booth, or graduation. One section consists of two pieces, each 7’6”h x 38”, joined by a hinge. These are a lovely complement to our harvest tables and benches or vineyard chairs. Note: Decorations are not included in the rental of this item.

Rustic Backdrop: Add a little bit of county to your event with our rustic backdrops. 2 hinged panels, each 7.5′ h x 30″w make up one section of this backdrop. Add some of our other wooden rustic pieces to your rental.

Elegant Black & White Backdrop: Let your DIY show with this wedding backdrop kit! No need to hire a decorator, you can put this up in no time. 20 linear feet of black fabric intermixed with panels of satin white roses, will highlight your head table. The backdrop is 8 feet tall. Self supporting framework is included, as are the instructions!