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20′ & 30′ Frame Tents

20' & 30' Frame Tents

Our frame tents offer a clean and modern style. A metal framework holds the canopy in place allowing for clean sight lines (no center poles!). This open space makes the larger sizes a popular style for corporate events! Walls are included in the rental of your tent.

Please note that listed capacity for guests is strictly seating organized with tables, excluding space that may be needed for addition products such as dancefloor, staging, food tables etc. 

Approximate Capacity for a 30′ Wide Tent:

30′ x 30′  72-104 guests

30′ x 40′ 96-128 guests

30′ x 50′ 120-154 guests

30′ x 60′ 144-208 guests

30′ x 70′ 168-232 guests

Approximate capacity for a 20′ Wide Tent:

20′ x 30′ 48-64 people

20′ x 40′ 64-80 people

These numbers are a rough approximation. Please contact us and we would be happy to help you size a tent for your next event!