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Tent Lights

Let’s put the finishing (or functional!) touch on your tent with some lighting.

Streamer/Cafe String Lights: Approximately 100ft of white cord/with 100 clear bulbs. The warm white glow given off by these lights is perfect for your wedding or backyard party. A perfect compliment to our Stillwater tents!

Chandeliers: Add sparkle and elegance to your wedding tent with our chandelier. The pewter finish will compliment any decor.

Standard Tent Light: Let our drivers install this standard halogen light in our tent. (Please note the style of this light may vary). This light is fastened to the pole.


Tent Liners & Pole Drapes

Add a special touch to your tent with a liner or pole drape!

We have tent liners for use in our 40′ push pole tents and 60′ push pole tents.

Pole drapes are available to dress up the sidepoles of your tents.

Centerpole drape is available for our push pole tents.


Dance Floors

Wooden dance floor: A customer favorite, our plank dance floor will keep the party going for hours! Available in sizes 18′ x 18′ and 18′ x 24’. Add our streamer lights overhead for a warm glow.

Black & White marble: A classic! Let us set up a black and white marble dance floor for your event. Our marble tile dance floor is available in 15′ x 15′, 15′ x 23′ & 19′ x 19′ sizes.

Please note:

A wooden subfloor is installed under our dance floors when it is being used outdoors.

Our dance floor must be used indoors or under one of our tents.


Tent Heaters

There’s nothing worse than guests leaving early because they’re cold. Take the chill off with a heater for your tent.

Propane patio heater: These are the tall propane heaters you may have seen in some smoking areas. Heats approximately a 15′ radius. One tank of propane is included with the rental.

Diesel Oil-Fired Heater: 200, 000 btu, with a 12′ heat duct. Run the duct under a tent wall to push heat into your tent. A tank of fuel is included with the rental.